Explore the Mind-expanding ideas of Metaphysics with Professor David Kyle Johnson

Thank you to everyone who participated in the live chat with Professor David Kyle Johnson on Thursday, January 14, 2016. Professor Johnson truly enjoyed the chance to connect with his fans and students. In case you didn’t get a chance to participate, we’ve posted the live chat for everyone to read. Thanks again!

Professor David Kyle Johnson 
Join Professor David Kyle Johnson for a mind-bending tour of philosophy applied to the forefront of today’s knowledge. Explore the logical inconsistencies, paradoxes, and often unsettling implications of what we “know” about ourselves and the world around us. Professor Johnson is Associate Professor of Philosophy at King’s College, where he teaches metaphysics and other philosophy courses, as well as critical thinking and scientific reasoning. He has won the coveted Kenneth Merrill Graduate Teaching Award, and the American Philosophical Association’s committee gave him an award for his ability to make philosophy accessible to the general public.

See his courses here.
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